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Benedict Cumberbatch…

… Is probably too intelligent and freedom loving to work with Marvel. There I said it.




tumblr hates benedict cumberbatch because they think he’s ugly, but if a guy hates a female celebrity because he thinks she’s ugly they call “SEXISM”

nature is fucking incredible

Tumblr hates Benedict Cumberbatch? What are you talking about? He’s the most loved being on tumblr. Have you ever been on the tag?


Who wants to explain to me why no one wants Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange…because I actually have no idea why this is a bad thing. I’m just so out of the loop…

Because the Marvel fandom doesn’t know what’s good. Thank God Marvel doesn’t care for the hardcore fans, they will chose the actor who will bring them the most money. As Marvel treats their actors like shit, I’m rather pleased that Benedict does Hamlet instead ruining his career with a franchise.





while im in this BEAUTIFUL time of ppl hating me, im gonna put another one of my opinions out there. superwholock and all the shows in it are Shit. benedict cumberbatch looks like a pile of convincingly spraypainted lizards, moffat has his own fist up his ass, and the supernatural actors all look like oatmeal

People don’t HATE you. It’s pity.


I don’t understand this websites hatred of Benedict Cumberbatch, Sure, his fans can be incessant… but so can fans from literally everything else on this site.

Whatever you think of his appearance, he’s a genuinely good and kind man, who is a great actor. It disgusts me people are so willing to overlook another’s good soul to rag on their appearance. It’s hypocritical, given everything this site claims to stand for.

Yep. And he is absurdly beautiful too. It’s just this obsession with cis hate.


Just a reminder that if you put Benedict Cumberbatch on my dash I will unfollow you

Do you really think anyone gives a fuck? You soon will have to unfollow the whole world.



Anonymous said: check the bleeding cool frontpage (sorry its a gross site) for some good news



yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no fucking marvel fanbase to deal with hate them,  yes HAMLET

So many feels!!


So Benedict was at comic con and there’s rumours about Tom to play the 3rd Holmes brother in Sherlock, oh good lord I’m not able to cope, let alone type!!!

There aren’t such rumors.


Fucking annoys me how every time i look at the ‘national theatre’ tag, i am inundated with pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Thank you Tumblr

You’re welcome!


if benedict cumberbatch is cast as doctor strange you can bet that i will not see it in theaters.

God, Marvel will be devastated.


Your name is now a common place, my dear) But I appreciate your artistic ability to return the conversation back home)

He talked about that his name doesn’t fit the posters. Nothing to do with his name being common place or not.

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Not much early interest in Penguins of Madagascar


@KPBSnews: RT @cinebeth: Wow! Shortest Hall H line I’ve seen in years. Benedict Cumberbatch fans get on over here! #kpbspix

I’m sure that’s a fake.



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Just listen to this and have multiple eargasms.

The way he says “obsession”…. omg. omfg.


I mean seriously I love benedict cumberbatch and he is a fantastic actor so i’m super pleasedd he got this role because he really is phenomenal at acting but I will be mega mega pissed if the so called cumberbitches ruin the imitation game for me i’m serious Alan Turing is my hero if you gloss…

There won’t be an m/m scene.